Marketing and financial hybrid.

Shortly about

Shortly saying I am a 31-year-old marketing and financial management professional, a "hybrid-kind." Experienced in both fields and in several positions.

In terms of marketing, skilled in marketing communications, where I have worked as a Graphic designer to Web designer and Front-end web developer. I am specialized in crafting mostly user interfaces such as websites and applications, but I have also knowledge in print design like for example branding companies, designing identities. At marketing I have worked as an entrepreneur as well. In marketing I started my career as a 14-year-old teen.

Financial-wise skills include in accounting, office and administrational fields. Having experience as an accountant and financial management assistant. Where I got to know about several ERP software such as SAP and Visma Nova.

As an employee I am creative and analytical, easygoing and active teammate. Everyday having the passion to learn something new. Bonus sides are that I have entrepreneurial spirit yet good organizational skills that come from working at international eSports organizations. Read more

If there is any interest, let's have a cup of coffee!

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